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The First Taste The First Taste by Jessica Hawkins
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My first taste of Jessica Hawkins was delicious


The first taste is the second installment of The slip of the tongue series, though it can be read as a standalone. There are characters from the first novel that make an appearance though, so if you don't want to spoil anything you should probably read it first.
TFT follows the story of Andrew, a devoted loving single father, lover of bikes and tattoos (don't let this fool you, he's not an alpha j*rk at all), who was left four years ago by Shana (the mother of his daughter, Bell) and promised to never fall in love again. He's committed to his girl's happiness and wants nothing more from life than seeing her grow. That's why when Amelia enters his life she's the perfect match.
Amelia is the head of a Beauty PR agency, soon to be divorced from her cheating husband. Her work is her life and she plans for it to stay that way. A one night with a sexy, but not at all like her, mechanic could make no harm.
Problem is the chemistry between them is undeniable and soon they find themselves wanting more from each other. How will their 'no strings attached' pact continue when they jump into a second night and then a third one? Sometimes opposites attract and you can find your match in the most unexpected place. Can sex be just sex? No when you find yourself trusting someone in bed as you've never done it before.
This is the story of two broken people who were found by love when they least wanted it. They thought they were smarter, they though they wouldn't fall, but it was bigger than them. So what do you do when you find yourself falling for someone but you know you can't love? When past is too heavy you have to make a choice, will you let it go and embrace a beautiful present or will you continue to hold on to it and let your chance scape?
Jessica Hawkins surprises the reader with a very good built story, sweet, harmonious. The writing style is really good and catching, it makes it hard to put the book down. She guides you with baby steps through their lives, making you slowly discover the characters, understand their reasons and see them evolve. This is a really beautiful, angsty and heart-warming romance.
The secondary characters are a big plus to this story, making you laugh out loud and wanting to take them out of the book to hug them.
You don't want to miss their story!

*ARC provided in exchange for an honest review*

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