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It Ends with Us It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover
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There's not enough stars to rate this powerful read

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This review is really hard to write because I don't really want to say anything that will give you the smallest hint of what this book is about. I was told to go in blind and it was the best advice I ever took.

Hoover you nailed it again and best than ever, this is your most beautiful, heartbreaking, powerful and healing book. No one besides you could have told this story with the beauty and care that you did.

This isn't a romance novel, this is a book about life. About many people's lives and it embraces them in a way that is as angsty as empathizing. This book is an eye opener. I'm not sure if Colleen has realized how much impact it will have, how many souls it will touch and change. This is one of those books that will completely impact on you. You will devour it and feel every single thing that the characters feel and then you will be thinking of it for days and days and days. It never stops, in the best way. IEWU is now a part of me and I will recommend it to as many people as I can.

Colleen has a way of narrating that makes everything flow, so beyond being a powerful read it is also a piece of art. It's delicate and delightful. It's poetry.

With any other book I would probably also talk about the plot and the characters but I won't do that here. The only thing I'll say will be about Lily and Alyssa, girls, I want to be you when I grow up, that's it.

And now I want to thanks CoHo for being brave and bold and such a great writer and human being. Thank you for writing this book. Every human being needs to read this.

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