Review: Tonic

Tonic Tonic by Staci Hart
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was my first book by Staci Hart and I'd love to read more from her!

Tonic is a romantic comedy, it's a standalone and it reads fast! It's a funny story, one that will hook you easily, with a bit of angst for some moments and lots of love and passion. I read it in two days and I'd have read it faster if I've had the time.

I like Staci's writing style, she guided the reader with lots of action lines that keep the pace up.

Regarding the characters I want to say that I really like Annika's passion for her work, I like heroines to be smart and independent and she was one. Joel, the heroe, was swoonworthy, although he also was a drama king (seriously, Joel? Chill a bit! lol). He was really sweet and caring and he respected Annika's decisions.
The secondary characters gave the story a cute background, specially Anikka's niece.

In conclusion, this was a sweet read and I'm glad I met Staci's words at last.

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