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Evading Fate (Hidden Scars #3)Evading Fate by A.M. Myers
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This book is the third and final (?) installment of the Hidden Scars series and CAN'T BE READ AS AN STANDALONE unless you want to spoil yourself the plot of the previous books as happened to me.

I'm having trouble to write this review because I thought I'd love this story but I didn't. The premise was good but the development didn't live up to it, at least not for me.



I’ve been running from it most of my life – doing everything I can to avoid the future it had dictated for me. If I had learned one thing from the hell I went through as a child, it was that I never wanted to go back. Until I ran into someone who was running from her destiny just as hard as I was.

And it just so happens that she’s one of my best friends.

One night, emboldened by alcohol, she does something that has me questioning everything and it doesn’t take me long to realize that maybe instead of running away from something, I’ve been racing to her all along. But there is fear in her eyes and I know that her fate won’t be so easily shaken.

Will I ever be able to work past her fear to show her everything we could be? Or am I destined for the same kind of desolate life I’ve been fleeing from since I was a kid?

I enjoyed the first 40% or so of the story, I like the building of the romance between Addy and Trey though I really couldn't stand the heroine. There was way too much inner dialogue from her telling that she was sad because she wanted something really hard that she could never have. The first three times was okay, but when it kept being mentioned through the whole story it got to be annoying. You can mention it once or twice at most, the reader will understand. I really found myself reading some paragraphs as fast as I could to *kind of* skip those repetitive statements.

Regarding the characters, Addy is really hard to empathise with, she's always complaining about her 'fate' without actually learning if her fears are sustained or not, and she pushes everyone she loves away for an illogical reason. Trey himself was much more enjoyable the first half of the book, but then started acting as an ass*ole, and even when it was understandable that he didn't know what to do with Addy because she wouldn't open to him, I didn't like at all that he kept justifying his behaviour by saying "You make me crazy, Addy". I mean, it sounds pretty messed up that you can't control yourself and blame the woman for 'making you crazy'. I'm sure he meant it in a 'romantic' way, but it ended up being disturbing.
The secondary characters were more lovable than the heroes, for sure. Addy's friends were funny and loyal. And Trey's family is the sweetest and they're really supportive. I also fell in love with Addy's parents' story, I'd enjoy reading something from them.

In conclusion, this story was sweet for some moments, but the protagonists wasted so much time that we barely got to see their bright side together. I did enjoyed the beginning and the ending, but I rushed through the middle, not fancing it so much.

I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader's Copy of this book.

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