Review: The ground beneath our feet, Leslie McAdam

The Ground Beneath Our Feet

The Ground Beneath Our Feet by Leslie McAdam

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book speaks about subjects that matter, it's a story about self acceptance and self love. It is about overcoming your past and taking the leap for your future.

Jessica is a young woman who is diagnosed as obese and with diabetic conditions. With ghosts from her past hunting her, she always seeked comfort in food. When she finally decides to start making choices to improve her life, and she moves to Santa Barbara, she meets Mikey, a hot veterinarian who sees her, really sees her, and won't stop until he gets the answer he wants from her. But Mikey also has a past to hide. Will they be able to heal?

The premise of the story was hooking, the characters were interesting, but unfortunately, and I feel really bad about it, I couldn't quite connect with it as pretty much everyone else did. I particulary am more fond of action than inner monologue and I think that's what maybe didn't do it for me. I like being showed what happens more than I like being told, I connect more that way.

Anyhow I still love Leslie's stories and I was really happy to see her other couples make an appearance in this book! It was fun to read.

I will continue to read her stories and follow her advice to take the leap!

*I voluntarily reviewed an Advance's Readers Copy of this book*



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